Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Results Are In

I have seen an overwhelming number of status updates pleading for hate-filled messages to stop but only a few negative posts along the lines of those that people are pleading against.  There are a few possibilities to explain this phenomenon.

Option 1) I've done a terrible job in diversifying my friends and have surrounded myself with people who think exactly as I do.  I say terrible because this allows no room for growth.
Option 2) Facebook has implemented a new hate-blocking app on my news feed preventing me from seeing any more than a few negative updates about the election (going either way).
Option 3) I have an internal filter that prevents me from being able to recognize that I am reading more than a few hate-filled/negative updates about the election (going either way).
Option 4) I have a very diverse group if friends on Facebook, but the vast majority of them are capable of engaging in mature discussions wherein they disagree with the opinions of at least one person.

Whatever the reason (I'm really hoping it's option 4), thanks to everyone who has been willing and able to carry themselves with a level of maturity that makes me proud that you consider me a friend.  To the people who supported Barack Obama and have expressed happiness in the perceived future of our country without insulting those who voted for other candidates, to the people who supported Mitt Romney yet are willing to move forward in the hope that Americans will still find a way to work together regardless of who our elected officials happen to be, to everyone who is responding to the results of yesterday's election in a mature way, thank you.

Thank you for filling my news feed on Facebook with messages of encouragement for our future.  Thank you for calling for an end to the hate-slinging that has caused so much divisiveness and prevents us from working toward a better tomorrow.  Thank you for standing on principles of love, hope, and justice instead of hatred, conceit, and bitterness.  Thank you for proving that we can disagree with each other without also hating each other.

Above all else, I give thanks to God through whom all this is possible.  I pray that all those who have not been able to handle last night's win/loss with grace may come to know your grace in all things.  May you bring us all together so that we can go about the work of your kingdom.  Amen.