Monday, March 26, 2012

Priestly Preparedness Kit

Back in seminary, there was a lot of hype about having disaster preparedness kits.  Every dorm had to have them.  Around that time, I started to notice an upswing in "what [insert number here] things can you not live without" ice breakers being suggested for youth groups.  In thinking about all of this, I've decided that I'm going to start keeping a Priestly Preparedness Kit in my car.  I spend a lot of time in my car and/or out of town.  Having something portable like this ready to go all the time would help if something comes up and I don't necessarily have time to stop back at home or the church.  The only problem I currently have with this plan is that I haven't decided yet on everything I'm going to include in this kit.  I found a suggestion for a Spiritual Emergency Home Kit for Roman Catholics:
  • Rosaries with pamphlets on the Mysteries                                                   
  • Divine Mercy prayer cards with image and prayers
  • A small Crucifix
  • Holy water
  • Blessed salt
  • Blessed oil
  • Scapulars with explanation leaflet
  • St. Benedict medals or St. Benedict Crucifixes
  • Miraculous Medals with explanation leaflet
  • A small New Testament with Psalms or your preference
          (have the Bible in a prominent place in your home,
          along with other blessed religious images, Crucifixes and statues)
  • Prayer book(s), Pieta book or prayer cards, Consecration Prayers
  • Wallet-size plastic magnifier for small print (optional)
  • Blessed palms or “palm crosses”
  • Blessed beeswax candles and matches  
  • Small pictures or holy cards of Jesus, Mary, 
  • St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel and other saints
  • A small statue of Jesus
  • A list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people with
    whom to share pertinent information in an emergency.

That seems a little too involved for me.  I'm trying for something much more compact that will travel easily.  Here's what I've come up with so far:
  • Communion Kit
  • Anointing oil
  • Holy Water
  • BCP
  • Collar (Clerical? Dickie?)
I haven't decided on what I should do for the collar.  Maybe it's not even necessary.  Is there anything else you think should be included in this kit?  Does anyone out there already have one of these?

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