Saturday, March 19, 2011


As I was lying awake in bed last night, I could not stop thinking about how, sometimes, life becomes so busy that we forget to give time to God.  Sure, we may make time on Sunday morning to go to church and might say a grace or two throughout the week, but, how many of us really give a significant portion of each day to God?

Before I go on, let me make it clear that this is not going to be one of those "if everyone gave more time to God the world would be a better place" kind of post.  Also, I have no intention of trying to blame anyone for being "too busy" for God.  I know all too well how easy it can be to get caught up in the cares and stresses of life.  We have social engagements, family time, work, school, more work, obligations we'd love to give up but just can't...  With all of that going on in our lives, it's no wonder God tends to get left out.  We can easily feel like we no longer have control of our schedules.  Because there are no immediate or tangible consequences for neglecting God, we tend to let this fall off of our schedule.  The funny thing about this, however, is that we can easily add God into our schedules without disrupting everything else.

The big thing about Sunday morning is that it is a time where we come together with our church family and share in receiving the sacrament of Christ's body and blood.  There is a great line about this from a song (perhaps an overplayed one) in our hymnal: "Lord, you give the great commission"
Lord, you make the common holy:
"This my body, this my blood."
The song, of course, is referencing the Eucharist, but it also introduces the idea of the common being made holy.  Not even a week ago, I was leading a confirmation class in which we were discussing sacraments.  By the end of the class, we had agreed that a sacrament could be anything that drew us closer to God, whether something special, like one of the seven sacraments, or something more common, like experiencing God in nature.  See if you can find something common in your life and allow it to be made holy.  The world may or may not be a better place for it, but I am sure that you will be.

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