Thursday, February 23, 2012


I don't know what the weather has been like where you live, but here in Ohio, we've sort of skipped over winter.  There have been a few days with cold weather and snow.  For the most part, though, it really feels like spring outside.  I'm certain that we are either going to get bombarded with snow for the entirety of March or discover that our world is a spherical oven that just got preheated. (I know that Earth is not technically a sphere, but who wants to use the adjectival form of oblate spheroid?)

Interestingly enough, the church season we are currently in is, for now, a direct correlation for the season we seem to be in temperature-wise. Admittedly, the seasons are based on the changes in sunlight and not by temperature, but the temperature we are experiencing in Ohio is very similar to what we would expect in spring.  What makes this so interesting is that the word "lent" means spring, or, lengthening of the daylight hours.  So, while we are experiencing spring-like weather where I live, we are also at the beginning of the spring of the church year.

While Lent is typically viewed as a season of darkness in the church (crosses veiled, more songs in minor keys, can't say allel***, etc.), I say we take some time to enjoy the light.  Find something fun to do and try to do it every day from now until Easter.  Maybe it will be a crossword or soduku puzzle.  Perhaps you'll try dancing while you cook.  Whatever you find, remember that this season is about preparing ourselves for the resurrection.  Allow time for penitence, but don't forget to find some way to celebrate the light.

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